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Anderson Taylor is proud of our people and the people we work with. 

 We are down to earth, fun and smart and so are our clients. 

We love what we do and it shows in our results.
Below are a few of our larger sucess stories, but we have many more success stories to tell.

When we started working with Google there was a tingle in the air, everyone in each meeting was excited and charged up. We were building one of the first TV apps! Google knew they wanted to get more eyeballs on their search bar and this was a great way to do it. Our team was brought in to build the app even before we knew it was for a TV screen. We were probably one of the first companies to build a full Android application that would run on a TV! Our team worked around the clock 24 hours a day and we completed the project in record time. 

Helping Delta find their mobile devices and keep them on task.

CNBC came to Anderson Taylor with a problem. Anderson Taylor knows mobile, we are experts in mobile video and in mobile data structures. CNBC's RealTime application was growing fast and the servers could not handle the pull. The problem: CNBC owned the code but could not access it. The Solution: We hacked it! We employed the best we could find and hacked into the source, we then created a new pseudo source and ran it for error checking and found the bottlenecks saving CNBC millions!

We built over 50 eCommerce Portals for Sprint in 2 years!
CNBC had a problem. We developed
the solution!
Working with Google to deploy the first ever Google TV app!

Sprint was in trouble. They had a military contract to supply a procurement portal and after hiring and firing two eCommerce website development companies they were now only weeks out and could lose $250,000 if they missed their deadline. Anderson Taylor came in as a consultant and met with Sprint and reviewed the few hundred page contract. We interviewed the existing website developers and reviewed their work and decided it had to be scrapped and we would start from scratch. With only weeks to go we worked round the clock in two shifts to build the portal they needed and save the contract. We went on to build over 50 eCommerce portals in two years! 

Delta came to us with a problem. They were missing mobile devices, maybe 500 or more of them! We came up with a solution. A new portal that would take inventory, allow admin and users to login and update the location of each device and monitor it. We then learned that the manufacturer would accept returns and support warranties so we went a step further to integrate with the warranty program and save Delta over $100,000 each year in lost devices. 


Anderson Taylor is passionate about your business. We are more than website design and mobile application developers. More than iPhone or Android app designers. More than software integrators and enterprise software developers. We are passioneers, consultants, problem solvers, a team of highly experienced businessmen and women who specialize in your mobile application success. 



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