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  • Anderson Taylor

We've built the mobile app now what? How to deploy enterprise Mobile apps.

So you have built your mobile app. Or you are planning on building one. Well thats great and good for you too, but now your finding out there may be some issues bringining it to market right?

There are many different ways to publish your mobile applications. To start with if it is a B2C (a consumer app) you may just want to submit it to Apple and Android (assuming you either wrote it as a hybrid cross platform mobile app or you built it correctly in native code for both iPhone and Android )

If you publish your app to the app stores and you are going to charge for your app be aware that they will take up to 30% of your fees. Thats right, even though they didnt invent it, they didnt spend months planning the mobile app out or rasing funds for it they will get your 30 percent of the pie. There is really no way around this so just plan for it and deal with it.

If however you have an agent or sales force or inside business user base you are building your mobile app for there is another way. This is the enterprise app store. An Enterprise app is a private app you are publishing for your own internal employees.

Publishing private apps for the enterprise? Here is what you need to know.

Today your user base is amazingly large. It is an app-based world! Just look at the fact that over half the U.S. population owns a smartphone. It doesn't matter if it's an Android or an iPhone, In the workplace, the use of smartphones is over 30 percent of mobile service revenues coming from the enterprise market.

This figure is expected to grow at double the rate of consumer-based revenues. That means that if you are in the market to create an app for business now is the time to do it! Ride the wave and tap into the fastest growing sector of the mobile application market.

Today enterprises are embracing mobile apps. They are lightweight heavy hitting software solutions that can be with the user everywhere they go and can easily be updated through a web services layer. Until recently the mobile application ecosystem has largely been a consumer-oriented platform.

Let's look at how you publish your application now. One method for iPhone or iPad apps is to go through the Apple App Store. To publish an app for an iPhone or iPad the app author needs to purchase a developer account, then they need to create the app installation files using their account and submit the app to Apple for review, The review process can take at least 2 weeks so plan for at least two weeks. In addition I have seen Apple reject apps for simple things many times that only take a day to fix only to have to re-submit and wait another few weeks. Once the mobile app is accepted the app will be available for the general public through the official App Store.

But what if your business is building a custom application for internal use only?

Stay tuned and learn more in part 2 of this "How to Deploy Enterprise Mobile Apps" discussion.

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