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  • Anderson Taylor

Building mobile apps that work

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

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Many companies can build an app. As a matter of a fact there are thousands, but how do you pick the right one? Potential customers come to us all of the time with this dilemma and I have to say we are not always the right choice! Why? Because what we do, what we have done for over 15 years is build enterprise software solutions for businesses. We don't build games, we don't build web apps or hybrid solutions, we specialize in robust systems that are not easy to design or build. Why do we specialize in the hard stuff? Because we found that we are good at it. Maybe even great. Does that mean that we are right for every business? No! Many businesses want to out source to the cheapest company, or to a firm that just does what they are told without thinking of the final results. Many don't see the benefits of having senior level engineers, planners, architects, UI specialists, and teams of qualified specialists. They think they can build what they need quickly and cheaply with a cheap team that will do exactly what they say. And they may be right. But most of the time we see them fail.

What is wrong with having a team do exactly what you say? Well nothing, except you may not have 10 years of app GUI experience. You may not have fallen into almost every difficult web services, app GUI, location based mapping problem that it is possible to trip on. We have, well most of them anyways, there is always something new, and we love it, we love to be ahead of the curve, finding new solutions for companies because we listen. So if you have an enterprise business software mobile application that you want to get designed and developed and want to have someone help you design and build it so that it does even more than expected, runs right the first time and is ready for the masses, then we are here to help. And we will enjoy it every bit of the way.

Does your company need an application? Lets talk!

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