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Can Artificial Intelligence Help Your Company Sell More?

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

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Companies using AI have seen up to 30% increase in sales revenue in 3 months.

Artificial Intelligence can solve your sales challenges by telling you who to engage and how to engage with them, at the right time, for the right results. AI-driven sales acceleration platform uses trillions of data points to reach accurate predictions on sales outcomes.

2018 is going to be the year of AI. The top names in tech--Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon--have all entered the fray. Now Anderson Taylor is here to help your business enter AI too. If your ready to talk AI let us know, we are here to help.

According to a Bloomberg Terminal analysis, the number of companies that included the term "artificial intelligence" in their quarterly earnings increased from under 20 in 2014 to almost 200 at the end of 2016. AI is rapidly changing the sales landscape. And it’s here to stay.

While most of us recognize the potential of AI to improve “hard” quantitative metrics like lead generation, conversion rates, etc. we give little thought to the ways in

I urge you to step out of this mindset. One of the most promising aspects of AI is its ability to transform the relationships forged by your sales team:

AI for Sales-sales relationships

Today a salesperson’s daily activity is spent on tedious and monotonous tasks like cold calling, prospecting, responding to email, etc. Ho-hum work can quickly wreak havoc on our overall wellbeing. Monotonous work has been shown to increase neuroendocrine activity, which can lead to burnout and reduced levels of job satisfaction and productivity.

Anderson Taylor has the ability to implement AI within its Salesninja toolset and yours too. To find out more ask us how.

With AI ( According to McKinsey Global Institute ) 40% of time spent on sales-related activities can be automated by adapting current technologies with AI. By embedding AI into CRM databases, CPQ and salesforce automation software, help desk solutions, and other B2B apps, a lot of the crippling rote tasks still performed by salespeople can be eliminated. Thanks to AI, salespeople can be liberated from boring and monotonous tasks. The effects are far-reaching and include decreased cognitive load, increased job satisfaction, and stronger overall rapport and relationships across the sales organization.

Sales-marketing relationships:

With traditional companies there’s been a longstanding tension between marketing and sales. Marketers tend to resent sales reps for not passing them high quality leads. At the same time, sales reps tend to begrudge marketing for low conversion rates and for offering steep discounts. AI has the potential to rectify this longstanding tension.

AI helps salespeople increase lead quantity as well as quality. A Harvard Business Review study found that companies using AI for sales were able to increase leads by 50%. AI has the potential to transform salespeople into marketers’ must trusted advisors by doing the ‘heavy lifting and determining which leads represent the best targets for inbound and outbound marketing initiatives. The potential benefits cannot be understated. Never before has there been a better means of strengthening the relationships between sales and marketing.

If you want to talk more about how AI can help you schedule a meeting with us today.

Until then, have a great day!


Bryan Taylor

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