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Can technology help prevent Coronavirus?

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Using a smartphone wearing gloves

Experts are working towards a future where we can keep up with the challenge of viruses like COVID-19 by working on a new diagnostics technology by exploring nano-enabled sensing systems.

By utilizing nanotechnology and miniaturized sensing systems we may be able to perform diagnostics virtually anywhere and possibly with a mobile phone app and a sensor. Rapid diagnostics of COVID-19 will produce useful informatics, which can be shared with clinics through the Internet of Things (IoT) for quick analysis to prescribe therapy.

Once users start reporting their status through the mobile app there is a potential to introduce artificial intelligence which will analyze the data collected using IoT-assisted sensing systems. This will provide a much better understanding of the COVID-19 type epidemics progression and the relation of the COVID-19 level with pathogenesis and variables such as genome, age, race, gender, environmental factors and more.

Mobile applications and Iot SAAS systems like this can definitely provide a new level of smart detection and diagnostics of COVID-19 and other similar viruses. They have potential and will help to manage the COVID-19 epidemic, even in personalized medicine.

Anderson Taylor builds enterprise grade SAAS portal systems and mobile applications for the healthcare and other industries. We are always looking for better ways to help people and their businesses world-wide.

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