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  • Anderson Taylor

2017 the Rise of Mobile Apps

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Man and woman checking a phone inside a restaurant

Does your customer expect you to have a mobile app? You may think no, but stats are saying you are wrong. This year is tee'd up to be one of the biggest years for mobile apps ever, and you could be part of it or you could miss it. It's your call.

"According to a survey by B2B research company Clutch, nearly 50 percent of small businesses will have mobile app by 2018."

When I was younger I was part of a group that brought mobile video to the largest renter of videos nationwide. In every town there was a grocery store, a pharmacy, a gas station and a video rental store (many times it was in the grocery store) and they were entrenched in our lives. People would shop for groceries and then rent a video for the family. Remember that? It wasn't that long ago. And no one at that time could imagine how that business would change in only a few short years. At that time we presented our solution to the CFO of the nations largest video rental company. They couldn't see it. It was a mobile app that would sell videos! Yes, there was nothing like it in the world at the time and they all said OOoh and Aahh but in the end they said no! No, thank you we don't need a mobile app to rent videos, our customers will always come into our stores and they will always rent from us. What we need is to cut costs so we can make more money for our investors!

Why am I telling you this story? Well, because many businesses still look at mobile apps the same way, Oooh and AAahh but no thank you we have a call center and people don't want a mobile app they want to speak to a real person!

Over 51% of companies plan on hiring a mobile application developer to build or enhanced a mobile app this year.

Have you used a mobile app lately to get a UBER or LYFT? Have you used one to order your Panera Bread lunch or Starbucks before you get there to skip the lines? If you haven't you are soon to be the minority. How do I know this? Because statistics show more and more people using mobile apps to save time, money, headache and just annoying pain of waiting! Do customers call back? Probably not because its painful, right?

But with a mobile app they are always connected. Let us show you how.

Can your company benefit from a mobile app in 2018?

Yes, put your customer in the driver's seat with a mobile app. That is the experience people want. We all want full control, full visibility and full satisfaction. If you are ready to give your customer what they want. If you can see the future is here, and waiting for you to step on and get going then contact us now. Let us buy you a coffee and discuss how to get started today.

We strategize with companies every week, designing and developing iPhone, Android (even Windows and Blackberry) applications for companies like yours. It takes about 3 months to build a standard business mobile app, if you want it done in 2018 better get going!... are you ready to get started?

Welcome to 2018, all aboard for the mobile app generation and a new way of living!

Let us know your thoughts...


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