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The UBERization of customer service

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

The Uber-ization of customer service

Over the last year we have seen the way people interact with companies change. On a customer service level customers no longer always want to speak to a real person. And quite frankly after speaking with a few of our client companies I am not sure that they want to spend the extra time and money training people to take calls either. So it may be a win / win. IF and I say this from being a customer myself, IF the information I need can be easily given to me in a mobile app. Give me an example you say?

Well lets look at what happens when you get a flat tire. For my mother this means she calls AAA. She recently had to do this and I asked her how it went, 'Well, she said I was on hold alot, and the truck did not come for a while and I had to call back a few times. Then I did not know what that I would be charged the travel fee and I was a bit upset, but didn't want to take the time to call them back on the phone and complain, I had had enough for one day!'

What if my mother could have clicked on an app, and just like UBERization does it would show her options of trucks in the area that could fix her tire with prices? She would have then been able to pick one and see that truck on its way to her, and when done she would have known the cost the whole time, so no surprises, and the app would pay the truck driver for her so no hassles there! She may have even tipped him and given him a star rating! What a different experience that would be!

Now, you may be thinking how can my business use UBERization? Well, let me tell you Anderson Taylor has already built the UBERization solution, and we are customizing this turn key enterprise app for companies like yours in many different verticals so that customers can order service, see it coming and know what they will pay. Now thats instant gratification all the way around!

Call or contact us online to discuss how you can license a full UBERization solution for your business. We are taking the pain out of envisioning and developing an app and putting solutions into businesses hands every day!

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