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Top 3 Digital Transformation Technologies To Watch

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

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If your company is thinking for growing chances are digital transformation can make it happen. Studies show that successful companies implement digital transformation technologies. These companies also grow faster than their competitors. Each company implements digital transformation differently. The digital transformation process will look different, depending on particular business needs.

Digital transformation solution needs are determined based on a companies target customer behavior, their preferences and the business processes needed to support customers for each individual company. If companies utilize digital transformation technologies to optimize operational efficiency, increase work productivity, and focus on creating additional value for potential customers their sales will increase. In addition digital transformations can increase the company’s profitability and investment attractiveness.

In this article, we are taking a look at new digital transformation technologies that your company should consider.

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( A quick example of 4 companies that refused to embrace digital transformation. )

In 2007-2009 Anderson Taylor had developed a proprietary mobile application video media player. About that time we were asked to demonstrate how our proprietary video player could be used by Blockbusters on WIndows phones to allow customers to play a trailer and choose a video to rent right on the phone (without going to Blockbusters stores) Blockbusters seemed impressed but quickly turned to our partners and told them we need to save money not spend money. Not long after NETFLIX was selling movies online and Blockbuster was going out of business (I believe there is 1 Blockbuster store left in the whole world and it is the Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon.)

Keeping up with digital transformation is hard, it takes special vision and that is what we at Anderson Taylor spend all of our waking moments helping companies do.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

First of all most software on the planet claiming to have Ai or Artificial intelligence is really just utilizing a Machine Learning stack.

Machine learning is still very powerful and leads us towards Ai. Artificial Intelligence will become the most transformational technology of our generation. For years to come small businesses and industries in general will utilize it to change how they do business. Machine learning systems can be the perfect tool used to automate tasks for making complex decisions. Machine learning technology is capable of providing analytics at a previously inaccessible level.

The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence already being used in industries including IT, financial services, automobile manufacturing, healthcare, and more.

If you use Snapchat you are already using machine learning. Snapchat started taking machine learning seriously when they acquired the Ukrainian computer vision company Looksery for $150 million. They use Looksery’s clever facial tracking algorithm to find your face in your snaps every day.

2. Augmented Reality

Many business owners already understand the potential of augmented reality. This digital transformation technology is now used in automotive, medical, and marketing segments.

Augmented Reality (AR) works by providing interactive visual reality linking the user between the physical and digital worlds. If you've been to IKEA you may have seen one of the first major commercial applications of Augmented Reality which was developed with Apple’s ARKit for IKEA. The Scandinavian furniture maker’s uses AR on your mobile device’s camera to visualize how virtual IKEA items would look in your home or office.

3. Internet of Things - IoT

The Internet of Things is a system of linked devices connected to the internet through SIM cards and mobile devices and capable of transmitting and exchanging data without human intervention. Many companies are using the Internet of Things for products in our everyday life. They are equipped with built-in sensors that exchange data with other devices to provide the best user experience to people.

The IoT is a digital transformation technology that is making changes to people's lives every day in the field of healthcare, making the task of monitoring patients’ health simpler.

Our team here at Anderson Taylor have utilized IoT to track packages, ensure sign offs and make sure that companies like FedEx get you your packages on time.

Until next time...

Enjoy life, look for new technologies and have fun!

The Anderson Taylor Team

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