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Callmax: Revolutionizing Property Management with Innovative Software Solutions

Updated: Jan 17

Client Background: In our initial consultation sessions with CallMax, a company dedicated to streamlining communication for property managers of multi-family communities, a recurring concern was how to build a solution that aligns with the company's long-range vision and supports its ambitious growth plans.

Challenge: CallMax's existing workflow relied on tangible, print-outs for daily service calls and traditional phone communication for new service tasks and emergency calls. Completed service tasks couldn't be logged in real-time, impacting productivity. With the company experiencing growth in multiple locations, there was a pressing need for a more efficient communication system within their business.

Solution Process: In collaborative sessions with ownership and key employees, we conducted in-depth discussions on the challenges affecting current business operations and outlined specific goals for the future. Employing a whiteboard session, we created a visual map to break down their system, gaining insights into their operations, clients, market trends, and potential future technologies to enhance ease of use and revenue generation.

Innovative Solution - Time-Tracking System: During these discussions, a critical need emerged for a time-tracking system for maintenance personnel. We developed a visually appealing and user-friendly mobile app, considering the unique working conditions of maintenance personnel who often wear thick gloves. The clock-like user interface allowed simple logging of completed tasks, with data instantly fed back to CallMax's database and call center systems.

Development Phases:

  1. MVP Development: We created a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that underwent testing internally by our team and by CallMax's sales/marketing staff.

  2. Alpha Rollout: The app was rolled out internally for further testing and refinement.

  3. Beta Rollout: Through Testflight-type software, both Android and iPhone applications were distributed to CallMax's key clients for trial and feedback.

  4. Final Product: After weeks of refining based on user feedback, the product was finalized, and app licenses were obtained on behalf of CallMax for a successful live launch.

Expanding Functionality and Achieving Growth: After the successful implementation of the time-tracking app, we advised CallMax to consider expanding its functionality. The app was then utilized to simplify the onboarding process for new residents, adding greater value to the tool. This strategic decision contributed significantly to CallMax's growth and enhanced service offerings.

Results: In just five years, CallMax experienced remarkable growth, expanding its client base to hundreds nationwide and achieving a tenfold increase in revenue. Our software solutions played a pivotal role in this success story, enabling CallMax to efficiently manage its operations, enhance customer experience, and position itself as a leader in the property management industry.

We take pride in our partnership with CallMax and the role we played in their transformative journey towards becoming a thriving and nationally recognized company.

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