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Collaborative Creation of Peak Auto Auctions' Mobile VIN Scanner and Inventory System

Updated: Feb 5


In a collaborative effort to synergize Anderson Taylor's digital expertise with Peak Auto Auctions' industry knowledge and market presence, the vision for a transformative Mobile VIN Scanner and Inventory System was conceived. Recognizing the need for a consultative approach, both entities joined forces to address the challenges of inventory management in the salvage auction industry.


The challenge for Peak Auto Auctions was to efficiently manage their extensive inventory across multiple states. Seeking a consultative partnership, they engaged with Anderson Taylor to combine their experience and industry insights for a tailored solution.

Solution Process:

During extensive consultations and business transformation planning sessions, the collaborative approach of operating closely together and understanding Peak Auto Auctions' business model and partner roles enabled maximum velocity. The result was a proprietary digital platform that not only met immediate needs but also fostered an environment of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and co-creation.

Building a Strong Relationship:

The partnership emphasized a consultative and collaborative methodology, allowing for a deep understanding of the salvage auction industry. Anderson Taylor's digital expertise combined seamlessly with Peak Auto Auctions' market knowledge, resulting in the creation of a Mobile VIN Scanner and Inventory System that became the cornerstone of their inventory management strategy.

Positive Impact on Growth:

The collaborative approach not only streamlined inventory processes but also contributed significantly to Peak Auto Auctions' rapid growth. The Mobile VIN Scanner and Inventory System, as an MVP, provided a robust agile delivery engine, positioning the company for continued success in the salvage auction industry.


The collaboration between Anderson Taylor and Peak Auto Auctions exemplifies the power of combining digital expertise with industry knowledge. The consultative approach, from envisioning to creating a transformative digital platform, has not only addressed immediate challenges but has also set the stage for sustained growth and efficiency in inventory management.

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