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Ongoing Collaboration for Peak Auto Auctions' Continued Success

Outgrowing Off-the-Shelf Options:

As Peak Auto Auctions experienced substantial growth with the Mobile VIN Scanner and Inventory System, they outgrew off-the-shelf auction options. The need for a more robust and scalable solution became apparent, leading to the current development of an enterprise-grade auction platform specifically tailored for larger companies.

Ongoing Partnership:

Anderson Taylor continues to play a crucial role in Peak Auto Auctions' journey, collaborating closely to build a customized enterprise-grade auction platform. This ongoing partnership reflects the commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustained growth for both companies.

Positive Impact on Growth:

The president of Peak Auto Auctions emphasized that their rapid growth wouldn't have been achievable without the significant software contributions from Anderson Taylor over the past few years. The ongoing collaboration signifies a commitment to excellence and mutual success.


The ongoing partnership between Peak Auto Auctions and Anderson Taylor exemplifies a commitment to innovation and efficiency. From outgrowing off-the-shelf options to envisioning and building a future-proof enterprise-grade auction platform, the collaboration continues to be instrumental in driving Peak Auto Auctions' success in a highly competitive salvage auction industry.

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